SDTTL Rose Bowl Groups 2011-12   
  Wk Commencing 12/12/2011  
  Group Stage Round 3.  

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Good and Healthy 2012 herewith the Group 3rd Rounds Results

  Lou, Jayne & ken  
  Results as follows:-  
  Group  Match     Result  
  1 Castle Point   C v Runnymede B 4-5  
  Lentern E Withdrawn Void  
  2 Lentern B Withdrawn Void  
  Hullbridge E v Rawreth E 9-0  
  3 Hadleigh Forum A v Whittingham 3-6  
  Hullbridge F v Hockley B 0-9  
  4 Canvey A v Castle Point A 3-6  
  Hullbridge  H v Hadleigh Forum B 9-0  
  5 Invicta  B v Warehouse A 5-4  
  Thorpe Bay B v Canvey C 5-4  
  6 Rawreth C v Basildon Hospital 9-0  
  Warehouse C v Rayleigh Mill 6-3  
  7 RESSC  B v Hullbridge B 7-2  
  St. Peters v Rawreth B 4-5  
  8 Customs A Withdrawn Void  
  Hockley C v Canvey B 4-5  
  9 Invicta A v Lentern A 2-7  
  Customs B v Hullbridge C 1-8  
  10 Rawreth A v Hullbridge D 6-3  
  Hockley D v Canvey D 0-9  
  11 Rawreth Juniors v Thorpe Bay A To be played  
  Warehouse B v Lentern D 5-4  
  12 Lentern C Withdrawn Void  
  Hullbridge  G v Hadleigh Forum C 4-5  
  13 Runnymede  C v Hockley  A 2-7  
  Castle Point   B v Rawreth D 7-2