2011 Sdttl Rose Bowl Final, report from Jayne Johnson


This year’s final was without doubt, one of the most exciting for many years; involving the youngsters from Hullbridge Sports Association, Junior Section and TT-on-Sea @ David Lloyds Junior Club: there was an array of talent on show.


Comments from Paul Skeggs TT-on-Sea @ David Lloyds B Team

The Final of the SDTTL Rose Bowl was an exciting match with all 6 players being promising juniors. TT-on-Sea @ David Lloyd B were against Hullbridge F.  James Marshall & Behn Taylor started the ball rolling with a 3-1 win over Sid Dorn & Grant Burgess. Sam Lowman soon levelled the score with a close 5 set victory over Elliot Treglohan. On form, James Marshall's straight sets win against Sam Lowman made the score 4-2 to TT-on-Sea. Sid Dorn put in an impressive performance to win in 5 sets against Elliot to keep the match alive for Hullbridge. In another nail biting 5 sets, Behn Taylor just pulled ahead in the 5th set to win the Final 5-3 for TT-on-Sea @ David Lloyd B.     Paul


Comments from Simon Lowman, Captain of Hullbridge Sports Association’s Table Tennis Club, Team F.

Congratulations to Paul Skeggs and to the TT-on-Sea team of James, Behn and Elliot on last night’s victory in the SDTTL Rose Bowl Final. I trust that an enjoyable evening was had by everyone concerned. I know that despite the fact that they were on the losing team, Sam, Grant and Sid thoroughly enjoyed the evening and it proved to be an excellent suggestion to play each match the best of five games. As Ken said at the end of the evening, it was an excellent final and I think it will be some time before the Rose Bowl Final is contested by teams made up entirely of junior players. I think that on tonight’s showing, we can safely say that there are some very talented junior players coming through, which can only be a good thing for the League.    Simon

All present, agreed that this had been a great competition.

Kan thanked the players for a great match, the Coaches for all their hard work, the Parents for their support to their children, Sandy and myself for the refreshments, Lou, Kevin and myself for setting up this year's Competition.

A great Night