Southend TTL Players Gallery

Welcome to this selection of Southend League players. If you have any comments about these pictures, please send an e-mail to Andrew

Chris Sladden Cris Sladden, Essex number 1, Southend Closed Winner 1992-4, 99, 2000, 2001

George Reeves George Reeves, Rawreth and Southend rep A Team, Southend Closed Winner 1986

T Halling Tony Halling, Hadleigh Forum, Essex Junior 2nd team and Essex No 2 Cadet

Simon Woods, Rayleigh A, Southend Closed Winner 1996

Duncan Taylor Duncan Taylor who plays for Rayleigh A, and Southend rep team

Ryan Savill, Rawreth A, Southend Closed Winner 1998

Niel Disley Niel Disley, Hullbridge Sports, Essex Junior 1st team and No 5 ranked Essex Junior

Steve Kerns, RESSC, Southend Closed Winner 1995, 97

Ben Warner, Hullbridge TTC, ex Essex no 1 Junior

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  • Last modified: 6th January 2003