SDTTL Presentation Night : June 2003

2003 AGM

  SDTTL executive committee

  AGM/prizegiving gets under way

  Dont buy a used car from this chap

  Do but a used car from one of these

Rosebowl, Hardbat & Junior Restricted presentations (Closed Tournament winners shown previously at event)

  Restricted Junior Level 1 winner, Charlie Gradon

  Restricted Junior Level

  Restricted Junior Level 3 winner, Mitchell Nunn

  2002-2003 Rosebowl winners, Runnymede A

  2002-2003 Rosebowl r/u, Hullbridge C

  Hardbat doubles wnrs, Ray Elsdon & (not shown) Babul McLeod

2002 Summer League presentations

  Summer 2002 Premier winners, Rawreth A

  Summer 2002 Premier r/u, Hullbridge A

  Summer 2002 Div 1 winners, Rawreth C

  Summer 2002 Div 1 r/u, Hullbrisge D

2002-2003 Winter League presentations

  2002-2003 Premier Division winners, Hadleigh Forum A

  2002-2003 Premier Division r/u, Rawreth A

  2002-2003 Division 1 winners, Hullbridge C

  2002-2003 Division 1 r/u, Invicta A

  2002-2003 Divion 2 joint r/u, Runnymede A

  2002-2003 Division 4 Winners, Warehouse Centre

2002-2003 Special Awards

  Josh Lovett receives the Trevor Bloxam award

  Andy Nunn collecting the Kath Peer award on behalf of David Nunn

  The new Mike Watts award

  First recipients of the Mike Watts trophy, Hullbridge SSC, with many of their current players

  Flowers for our president, Kath Peer

  Flowers for Hilda Watts, who presented the new Mike Watts trophy

Thanks to Dave for the supply of photographs

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