Southend TTL Presentation night 2005: pt3

Southend Closed 2005 presentations

    Mens Singles Winner: Tony Halling

    Mens Singles Runner-Up: Lee Prentice

    Mens Doubles Winners: Andrew & Tony Halling

    Mens Doubles Runners-Up: Josh Lovett (with Hamish Innes)

    Vets Singles Runner-Up: George Reeves

    Vets Doubles Winners: George Reeves and Andrew Halling

    Vets Doubles Runners-Up: Jamie Wilson and Pete Saunders

    Vets Doubles Plate Winners: Janet Finch and Ken Field

    Vets Doubles Plate Runners-Up: Brian Cooper and Pam Swan

    Ladies Singles Runner-Up: Janet Finch

    Ladies Doubles Winners: Shelley Woolley and Janet Finch

    Mixed Doubles Runners-Up: Dave Calleja (with Tina Penn-Gillam)

    Under 18s Winner: Tony Halling

    Under 18s Runner-Up: Andrew Seabrook

    Over 60s Runner-Up and Division1 Restricted Runner-Up: Gordon Swan

    Over 70s Winner: Lou Hopkins

    Over 70s Runner-Up: Lawrie Neville

    Premier Restricted Winner: Josh Lovett

    Division 1 Restricted Winner: Richard Hiskey

    Division 2 Restricted Winner: Dave Morgan

    Division 4 Resticted Winner: Daniel Nunn

    Division 4 Restricted Runner-Up: Pam Swan

Thanks to Dave and Bri for the photos.

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  • Last modified: 4th July 2005